Does North Beach: Marco Benevento

Jake Funkmayor of caught some great video at North Beach Music Festival December 10 & 11 in Miami. Here is his video of Marco Benevento along with our review and photographs courtesy of slightly skewed photography and DubEra (feature image).

Marco Benevento and trio, featuring aforementioned whirling dervish Karina Rykman on bass, delivered yet another joyous show to the very responsive crowd at the bandshell. Benevento is a monster pianist and was in great form all set long. There were a couple of minor sound glitches when Rykman’s bass drowned everything out briefly, but the sound engineers got that back under control. All three were dressed in white with t-shirts that read WE’RE USING TIME FOR FUN — 100% accurate, including the closing “At the Show.”


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