Circle Jerks Turn Back Time at Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale

Legendary Los Angeles-based Circle Jerks made their third and final Sunshine State tour stop at Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale on Sunday, December 19, for a night of unforgettable punk rock music that will be forever embedded into the hearts, minds, and deepest darkest souls of those who witnessed one of the best shows to hit South Florida this year.

It’s hard to believe that it has been over 15 years since the band last toured. They had been on an extended hiatus with disputes between Keith Morris and the rest of the band. The scores have been settled, and the band can now return to performing for fans who had remained in limbo for so many years. To show their support, the show sold out nearly immediately once it was announced; during this COVID-19 plagued time, Culture Room was packed and the excitement blowing out the walls of the storied music venue.

Since returning, longtime followers of the iconic L.A. based punk band have matured and aged like most of us and much like the band themselves. However, let’s be clear: Circle Jerks have not lost a step and remain a force to be reckoned with in today’s very different punk rock scene. Although it’s not the 1980s anymore, and things have slowed down a bit, the band’s sound took us back to a time when the music was pure, hard, and raw.  Circle Jerks formed in 1979 and are comprised of original members lead vocalist Keith Morris, who still has the chops to deliver a full set on vocals, and guitarist Greg Hetson, who still rocks with vim and vigor. In addition, the band has retained longtime bassist Zander Schloss, who was busy on the four stringer, along with the band’s newest member, former Queens of the Stone Age drummer Joey Castillo, who spent the night pounding on the drums.

Circle Jerks at Culture Room

Well into the band’s return to touring this winter, they sounded superb, with flashbacks to their biggest years back in the ’80s. The band wasted no time kicking things into high gear, creating chaos and anarchy when they opened with “Deny Everything” (1980). From that point the band was engaged, and fans immediately fired up the mosh pit and bobbed up and down, body-slamming like a crazy game of whack-a-mole. The energy and mosh pit would remain intense throughout the Circle Jerks’ wild 32-song set list that neatly fitted into a relentless, non-stop 60-minute power-packed set. Was anything missing? Not a thing.

Municipal Waste was the opener, delivering an  impressive set that primed the crowd with an incredible stage show.

Municipal Waste at Culture Room


Set List:

1) Deny Everything, 2) Letter Bomb, 3) In Your Eyes, 4) Stars and Stripes, 5) Back Against the Wall, 6) Behind the Door, 7) I Just Want Some Skank, 8) Beverly Hills, 9) When the Shit Hits the Fan, 10) Under the Gun, 11) Trapped, 12) Coup d’état, 13) Wild in the Streets (Garland Jeffreys cover), 14) Moral Majority, 15) Don’t Care, 16) Live Fast Die Young, 17) Paid Vacation, 18) Junk Mail, 19) Parade of the Horribles, 20) Casualty Vampire, 21),I, I & I, 22) Leave Me Alone, 23) I Don’t, 24) The Crowd, 25) Beat Me Senseless, 26) World Up My Ass, 27) Operation Wasted, 28) High Price on Our Heads, 29) Red Tape Encore, 30) I Wanna Destroy You (The Soft Boys cover), 31) What’s Your Problem, 32) Question Authority 

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