CHVRCHES Screen Violence Tour – Newport KY Show Review

The beloved band, CHVRCHES from Glasgow, Scotland, has been on a non-stop tour to kick off their latest album, Screen Violence. The album takes inspiration from a few classic horror films and the frightening realities of life that lead singer Lauren Mayberry references in her songs.


CHVRCHES performed at Promowest’s latest venue, Ovation, in Newport KY this past Sunday night and shook the house with their set and overall stage presence. CHVRCHES does a beautiful job visually, connecting the album theme with their on-stage performance. Before the band takes the stage, eerie music plays as if it were opening credits to a scary movie. At first, the lights are dramatic and allude to a fuzzy television screen, creating a mysterious back-lit effect as the band members enter the stage.


Jonny Scott, CHVRCHES drummer


In the opening song, “He said she said”, from the new album Screen Violence,  Lauren starts off with big energy as she twirls around and around on stage in her long, flowing cheetah dress. The energy continues into the next song, “Forever” from their 2018 album Love is Dead, and then into “Leave a Trace” from their 2015 album Every Open Eye. During the first three songs, the lights seemed to change to almost match the colors or tones of each of the albums from the songs they performed.


Lauren Mayberry, Lead singer of CHVRCHES


As the show goes on, the energy only grows larger. Throughout the set, Lauren has two other outfit changes, from her cheetah dress to a black leather jumpsuit and to her “Final Girl” t-shirt, which references her song from the latest album. “Final Girl” is a hard-hitting song about the potential future and the realities of being a woman and the path that lies ahead. The song provokes fear and sadness by alluding to the possible death of her current self in order to take a “final” leap forward.




CHVRCHES continues on tour with a couple of U.S. dates left before heading overseas to the U.K. and Germany.

See below for a list of remaining tour dates and photo album from the show in Newport, KY:









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