Widespread Panic Destroys All Stops in Rocktober: AUSTIN

With stops in Memphis, Austin, Milwaukee and ending New Orleans, Widespread Panic covered some ground. From the first notes in Memphis to the encore last weekend in New Orleans, John Bell, Dave Schools, Sunny Ortiz, JoJo Herman, and Duane Trucks delivered beyond expectations night after night, taking each song to never-before-heard jams and improvisations to the delight of all, night after night. JB continues to bring extraordinary energy with his guitars, vocals, and stage presence, seeming like long ago. Jimmy Herring shredding/ melting faces and Dave Schools’ bomb assaults, JoJo’s ever-so-sweet keys, and, yes, he bangs the hell out them, too, and of course our drummers between Sunny Ortiz’s never-stopping percussions in conjunction with Duane Trucks hitting his bas , snare, and cymbals.

Widespread Panic – Austin. 📷: Jeff Fernandez

After slaying Milwaukee’s Riverside Theatre, for four consecutive sellouts, and arguably the best indoor venue/city to see Widespread Panic, it was time to head south  to New Orleans for three days culminating on All Hallows Eve for what would be another incredible momentous occasion to hear our favorite band and see our best of friends. New Orleans is the premier city for Halloween festivities and it was great to be able to return again for Widespread Panic’s tenth Halloween celebration in the Crescent City. By Sunday’s end, WSP played 12 of 31 days of the month of October and traveled in excess of 4000 miles (driving) all over the country. All I can say is, Thank you Widespread Panic, Home Team, and Pulse Lighting for raising  the bar night after night, city after city, and venue after venue. We are grateful to still be able to see the best band with all of our friends. All the host cities and local personnel seemed to always go the extra mile to provide over-the-top hospitality, such great places to eat and enjoy music and drinks as well. 

Austin highlights:

Pleas, For What It’s Worth, Ride Me High, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, Makes Sense to Me, End Of the Show, Heroes, Stop-Go, TUSH!!!, B of D, Trashy, No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature, Tie Your Shoes. Encore last night: Sharon, Heaven, Blackout Blues… HELL, YES!!

Dave Schools – Widespread Panic – Austin. 📷: Jeff Fernandez

And there you have it… ROCKTOBER WIDESPREAD PANIC STYLE… So good! so good! I’d  say the band and crews are on FIRE!! Love it and Live it while we can!! Chicago, YOU’RE NEXT.


Our thanks, as always, to Everydaycompanion.com and Panicstream.com!


Widespread Panic – 10/08/2021 – Austin, TX

Widespread Panic – Austin. 📷: Jeff Fernandez




Widespread Panic – 10/09/2021 – Austin, TX

John Bell – Widespread Panic – Austin. 📷: Jeff Fernandez



Widespread Panic – 10/10/2021 – Austin, TX

Dave Schools – Widespread Panic – Austin. 📷: Jeff Fernandez


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