Jake Funkmayor’s FunkCity.net Suwannee Hulaween Videos: TURKUAZ

The Mayor of Funk City, Mr. Jake Funkmayor (FunkCity.net), took his trusty video camera to Suwannee Hulaween and recorded… A LOT! We are excited to share his videos along with photos from MusicFestNews photographer John Strojny (Silent J Studios), Keith Griner, and Collin Taylor (feature image). Thanks, gentlemen!

What turned out to be the very last Turkuaz performance (HS) was another Remain in Light set with Jerry Harrison and Adrian Belew. In the midst of all those great Talking Heads songs, they dropped in a breathtaking version of the King Crimson masterpiece “Thela Hun Ginjeet,” which Belew cowrote for the album Discipline. Whatever caused the band’s breakup, it didn’t surface on stage, as they were on fire. And, once again, for one of the most important of the 95 sets of the weekend, the sound was way below par. Vocals were barely intelligible at times.

THE FINAL BOW – Turkuaz – Hulaween 21. 📷: Keith Griner

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