Jake Funkmayor’s FunkCity.net Suwannee Hulaween Videos: GREENHOUSE LOUNGE

The Mayor of Funk City, Mr. Jake Funkmayor (FunkCity.net), took his trusty video camera to Suwannee Hulaween and recorded… A LOT! We are excited to share his videos along with photos from MusicFestNews photographer John Strojny (Silent J Studios). Thanks, gentlemen! For this set, he was able to catch almost half of their set before leaving to set up for Lettuce!. Songs featured here: [Call for Dawn, Ataraxis, Koto].

Five years after their last show at the park, Greenhouse Lounge (CS) 2.0 provided more outstanding Florida prog rock, funk, and jamtronica. Original band members Dave McSweeney, bass; and Jason Hunnicutt, drums; were joined by “new” members Steve Honig (S.P.O.R.E.), guitar; and Bill Begley (Side Hustle), keyboards, for a massive set. Welcome home! They were joined later in the set by vocalist Darryl Green, now the fifth member of the group. His main project is Universal Green, and Hunnicutt is the drummer of that band as well.



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