Future Vintage Return to Action!

Some bands and musicians have played fairly regularly since the pandemic eased up a bit, while others have worked occasionally. Still others have worked little or not at all. Count St. Petersburg’s Future Vintage in that latter category. Their show Saturday, November 6, at Dunedin Brewery was only their second since March 2020 (the first was this past April).


Their seamless performance showed no signs of rust or cobwebs; these guys kept the dance floor packed all night long. Future Vintage specializes in jamtronic trance-dance funk, and it was clear that their fans were as delighted as the band members were to be enjoying the grooves.

Future Vintage

Keyboard wizard Matt Giancola used his talk box liberally and also played guitar. Trevor McDannel crushed on bass, while Tucker Sody showed just how much he enjoys his stripped-down drum kit with the electronic pad and effects box (sure it has a better name, but it was very effective!).


[ONE: Emin Hip Hop, Snippet, Work It Out, No Means Yes, Boogie On Down, I Wanna Be Your Lover; TWO: 4th Quarter Magic, New Bbm tune, Freak Magnet, That Nasty Spot, Coupe DeVille, Tell Everybody]

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