BottleRock Napa Valley Shuts Down Guns N’ Roses Mid-Song

BottleRock Napa Valley headliner and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame rock band Guns N’ Roses were unplugged during their live performance on Saturday, September 4, for breaking the venue’s mandatory 10 p.m. curfew. Guns N’ Roses was wrapping up the first of their two-song encore with pop singer/songwriter Pink joining them on stage for “Patience” (G N’ R Lies – 1989).

Guns N’ Roses w/ Pink – 09.04.21.  📸 Chris Tuite


After that tune, fellow BottleRock headliner Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters, with Gibson DG-335 in hand, took his spot on stage, standing next to and sharing a microphone with bassist Duff McKagan, later joined by Slash for the final song of the night. As the song progressed toward its midpoint, fans attending the music festival were surprised when the sound system went completely silent within a minute after the mandated end time.

Guns N’ Roses w/ Dave Grohl – 09.04.21.  📸 Chris Tuite


Reaction from those in attendance resulted in boos after they realized that show organizers pulled the plug midway though “Paradise City,” one of the band’s biggest hits from  Appetite for Destruction (1987). With frontman Axl Rose singing and dancing into a dead microphone and the rest of the band playing on in silence, the crowd responded by singing the rest of the song in perfect harmony, completing the legendary rock song ending with “Oh, won’t you please take me home.”

Rose responded to the massive crowd with a devious smile while raising his arms in approval as the crowd reacted with cheers before Rose made one fan’s experience extraordinary by throwing the microphone into the crowd. Guns N’ Roses’ two-and-a half-hour set ended when the band took their bows and walked off the stage.

Because the BottleRock festival grounds are located in a residential area, festivals organizers have a long-standing agreement that requires the music to end at or prior to 10 p.m. in order not to disturb homes that are within a short walk from the festival’s main stage.

Curfew breakers at BottleRock Napa Valley are rare. Guns N’ Roses joined a select group of bands that have been cut off for sets extending beyond the strict 10 p.m. curfew.  In prior festivals, headliners The Cure, Foo Fighters, Neil Young were cut off in 2014, 2017, and 2019, respectively. This is the second time Dave Grohl has been part of the distinguished curfew breakers. Credit to Guns N’ Roses for playing on without any audio, giving fans of the legendary rock band with a memorable set-closing performance.

Guns N’ Roses Setlist BottleRock Napa Valley 2021 2021, 2021 Summer North American Tour


Guns N’ Roses – 09.04.21. 📸 Chris Tuite

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