NOW VS NOW & TWYN at Dunedin Brewery

Michael Lyn Bryant, proprietor of Dunedin Brewery, has among his many jobs the curation of musical talent. Shows of all magnitudes appear at DunBrew; some groups have national recognition, others have made a splash regionally or locally, and then some are groups he firmly believes need exposure in our market.

Dunedin Brewery always shares promos for upcoming shows, and occasionally there are ones that Bryant mentions numerous times, both on the brewery page and on his own page as well. And we have come to know a truism, an axiom, an infallible guide — when he includes mentions such as this:

In an event such as this, he is NOT kidding, and you really ought to heed his advice. Time and again he has brought amazing talent to the west coast of Florida such as Eric McFadden, Mike Dillon, and Dos Negros, and Thursday, July 22, was no exception.

Except… that on Tuesday a friend dangled a ticket to the King Crimson show in front of me, and I was powerless to resist. You can read about that show with this link, but the short version is: ASTONISHING! You can substitute similar adjectives, but WOW! 

That King Crimson show was just down the road apiece, at Ruth Eckerd Hall, so it was easy to zip up to Dunedin at the end of the concert. I almost went home after the King Crimson show, so over-the-top ASTONISHING, but I recalled Bryant’s admonition and headed to the brewery.

One of the best decision, music-wise, ever.


The evening was scheduled for 8 to 11 p.m. I arrived at 10:50, hoping that NOW VS NOW would play past 11.

My wish was granted; NOW VS NOW played until 12:25. The short version for their set: ASTONISHING! Honestly, two of the most riveting shows I have ever attended. Sadly, I missed TWYN, the live electronica duo of drummer Aaron Gluekauf (Lemon City Trio) and Jason Matthews (Electric Kif). They are always superb. Fortunately, MusicFestNews photographer John Strojny (Silent J Studios) was on hand, as was photographer Hunter Nicole Davis. This gallery features TWYN.


Let’s start with this entry from the band’s press kit:

Now Vs Now is an exploratory team of sonic griots consisting of keyboardist/producer Jason Lindner (aka flymyspcshp, known for his work on David Bowie’s final album [blak-stär] and Mark Guiliana’s Beat Music), co-founding bassist Panagiotis Andreou (New York Gypsy All-Stars), and drummer Justin Tyson (Herbie Hancock, Robert Glasper, Esperanza Spalding).  They produce beat-and-bass-centric electronic music which boldly cruises through vaporwave, analog synth-pop, modern electro-R&B and apocalyptic proto-new wave.


This trio was — prepare for sacrilege here — just as ASTONISHING as King Crimson. They were different, of course, but also definitely not from this planet, based on last night’s show. Here were three brilliant musicians, playing written music and improv with equal abandon and finesse, and it was impossible to decide whom to watch. You just had to keep rotating your eyes or — better yet — just close them and soar into the stratosphere with the music. 

Jason Lindner made sure this was truly space music. His use of synths and traditional keyboards was masterful, inventive, playful, and completely in tune with his bandmates. 

Jason Lindner – NOW VS NOW. 📷: John Strojny – Silent J Studio

Panagiotis Andreou played bass unlike any I’ve ever heard or seen before. He evoked from the instrument incredible tones, some dandy space bass, and brilliant trance-dance figures. And he sang, vocalese, magnificently. He is Greek, and the Middle Eastern intonations were perfect with the music. He also sang Konokol (also, konnakol), “the art of performing percussion syllables vocally in South Indian Carnatic music (Wikipedia),” or so it sounded. Oh, and he makes the BEST. FACES. EVER. That smile! 

Panagiotis Andreou – NOW VS NOW. 📷: John Strojny – Silent J Studio

And what to make of drummer Justin Tyson? He is a spectacular talent, incredibly innovative, rolling with the improvisational tracks and nailing the intricacies of the written stuff. He is a titan. Also, best cymbals shuffler ever.

Justin Tyson – NOW VS NOW. 📷: John Strojny – Silent J Studio

One moment the band was soaring off into space, the next laying down intricate patterns. There was King Crimson precision, Consider the Source intensity, and jamtronic delight throughout the hour and a half I was fortunate enough to catch. They hit funk, prog, esoterica, outer space, inner space, all with a wonderful vibe to it.

Panagiotis Andreou & Jason Lindner – NOW VS NOW. 📷: John Strojny – Silent J Studio

As the clock struck midnight, they said, OK, one more. “This is 5 in 1,” Lindner added. They offered up “Future Favela” from their 2013 album Earth Analog, with piano introduction. Andreou set up a repetitive bass figure that rumbled, Lindner had a mad synth solo, and Tyson was, well, he was off the chain. Completely. There were jazzy stuttersteps and deep prog and… MIND BLOWN. 

Justin Tyson – NOW VS NOW. 📷: John Strojny – Silent J Studio

That should have been enough, such an emotional high. But people clamored for more. And the trio made a brilliant decision. Some bands try to match that intensity, but NOW VS NOW opted for a beautiful ballad, “Silkworm Society,” a track from the group’s most recent recording The Buffering Cocoon.” Somebody — Lindner? Andreou? — talked about the analogy of the silkworm: it works during its life to produce and then is killed.


Justin Tyson & Panagiotis Andreou – NOW VS NOW. 📷: John Strojny – Silent J Studio


We also heard from them a refrain that sounded familiar: they told us in no uncertain terms how delighted they were to be playing again after 16 months off; this was their very first show back! They did Miami Friday night, and tonight (Saturday, July 24) they play The New Standard in Winter Park; Sunday they finish the mini-tour at Heartwood Soundstage in Gainesville.





July 24th – saturday – WINTER PARK, FL @The New Standard

July 25th – sunday – GAINESVILLE, FL @Heartwood Soundstage







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