Follow the Monarchs: Post-Punk Post-Rock

They call themselves post-punk post-rock. That’s a good place to begin for the outstanding experimental group Follow the Monarchs from Dunedin, Florida. The only constant at a FTM show is that you never know what’s coming next.Β 

Follow the Monarchs. πŸ“·: Hunter Nicole Davis

Follow the Monarchs are: Alex Serious, keyboards, vocals; Joe King, guitar; Michael Lyn Bryant, guitar, synth; Cabe Cristler, bass; and Brad Elliott, drums. Serious, King, and Bryant are also members of superb prog rock group S.P.O.R.E.

Follow the Monarchs. πŸ“·: Hunter Nicole Davis

They played their very first show with drummer Elliott on Friday, July 9, at Dunedin Brewery, home to lots of amazing music. Elliott has been a mainstay on the scene for more than a decade, and this promises to be a great partnership! We were fortunate to have Hunter Nicole Davis there with camera in hand to record this special first for the band, including a sit-in by MC Nook of GoldenEra.

Tina Praino, one of the great muses of our community, offered this about the tapestry by Matt Warren (of blessed memory) that was front and center at the show:

Tapestry \m/ Mdub designs from our brother Matt Warren


Follow the Monarchs



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