Dunedin Brewery: the July & August Report +

As usual, great shows coming to Dunedin Brewery (Florida), with more being added almost daily.  This month, Crisis: A Jazz Project returns, as do Skallop featuring all manner of madness. Now Vs. Now + Twyn needs a special look, and the brewery’s all-day 25th Anniversary Celebration features Dead Set Florida. Brock Butler is back, and Chuck Magid and Daniel Heitz bring their bands to town (lots of crossovers there).

Dead Set Florida – OBJ 2021. 📷: Alan Feldman


August is loaded as well, including a special visit from Tire Fire and funk insanity from The Reality. Juanjamon has got the band back together, and Magid and Heitz return, this time in the guise of Steeln’ Peaches. 

Arrie Bozeman & Dani Jaye – Tire Fire – OBJ. 📷: Funk Eye Media


September begins with a pair of shows from El Groundscoro, and we are so looking forward to Oktobeerfest after missing the 2020 event.



07/16  Crisis: A Jazz Project
07/17  Skallop
07/22  Now Vs Now + TWYN
07/24  Dunedin Brewery 25th Anniversary Celebration w/ Dead Set Florida
07/29  Brock Butler (of Perpetual Groove)
07/30  Chuck Magid Band
07/31  Daniel Heitz Band
08/01  Brad Miller x Thomas Pridgen x Patrick Bartley Jr.
08/06  Four Star Riot
08/13  The Juanjamon Band
08/14  Tire Fire
08/20  The Reality
08/21  GoldenEra  (feature image above, image by Funk Eye Media)
08/27  Row Jomah
08/28  Steeln’ Peaches: An Allman Brothers Revue
09/03  El Groundscoro
09/04  El Groundscoro
October 7 – 10  Oktobeerfest 2021


Dunedin Brewery


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