The Daniel Heitz Band at Orange Blossom Jamboree: Video & Photo Gallery

[The redoubtable Volke Mon and Pattie Boates took their 15 video cameras to Orange Blossom Jamboree (May12-16) at Sertoma Youth Ranch in Brooksville, Florida. Their incredible work archiving events such as OBJ is a spectacular blessing to our community. Please consider subscribing to Volke Mon’s You channel! The photos here are screen shots from the video.]


The Daniel Heitz Band also played on the back stage, and they about destroyed the place. This was a sly ploy by Daniel Heitzhausen, guitar and vocals; Chuck Magid, guitar and vocals; Colin Fei, keyboards and vocals; and Glenn Kastrinos, bass and vocals, to get to play three times at OBJ. And that suited everybody just fine, because they crushed all three times. For this set, Jamal ‘Music City’ Wright was on drums, with David Vanegas on percussion and vocals.

They tore it up. Trey Miller had a sit-in on “Dry Land.” Next they were twisting up blues and prog in “Sugar for Ya.” They slowed things down a bit as Heitzhausen and Magid blended their guitars. Then it was skyrocket time as they blasted through “Sega Genesis,” Fei weaving synths throughout the tune and Kastrinos huge on bass. Wright and Vanegas were superb the entire set. They invited Jay Umlauf from Grindstone Sinners up to join them on the closing “Some Sunny Day” for some awesome shredding.

[DANIEL HEITZ BAND: Weary Woman, Mountains, Dry Land, Sugar for Ya, Sweet Love Songs, Sega Genesis, Some Sunny Day]

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