Row Jomah at Orange Blossom Jamboree: Photo Gallery

[The photos here are courtesy of Funk Eye Media & Mandi Nulph.]


Thee are quite a few bands of late that have also decided to reinvent themselves, adding jamtronica, prog rock, and more to their previous self-descriptions. OBJ 2021 was jam-packed with superb prog rock and more from bands such as Guavatron, Tand, Greenhouse Lounge, Anthill Cinema, and Electric Kif. Add Row Jomah to that list, because they busted wide open with a new facet to their already excellent persona.

Blame Austin Llewellyn (keyboards) and Mel Walsh (guitar). It’s their fault. Joe Roma’s, too, for turning ’em loose. By any measurement, this was the deepest Row Jomah set… to date! Sarah Phillips guested early on trombone — such a good fit. Wait: don’t forget Dylan Chee-A-Tow on drums and guest bass player Ryan Weiss. They’re ALL to blame!

And not only prog! They got all trance-dancey, too, on “Big Water.” “Better Days” features that acoustic intro from Roma, but after that Llewellyn and Walsh were off to the races! Jaw-dropping. More jaw-drops following the quirky intro to “Devil’s Fair,” Llewellyn switching from clavinet on the previous tune to synths. And there are no words to describe how deep, down, and dirty it got with the closing “Slippery People.” My notes simply said DAMN!


[ROW JOMAH: Shudder > Back & Forth, Rain Down, Big Water, New Song, Better Days, Devil’s Fair, Slippery People]

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