Guavatron at Orange Blossom Jamboree: Video

[The redoubtable Volke Mon and Pattie Boates took their 15 video cameras to Orange Blossom Jamboree (May12-16) at Sertoma Youth Ranch in Brooksville, Florida. Their incredible work archiving events such as OBJ is a spectacular blessing to our community. Please consider subscribing to Volke Mon’s You channel! The photos here are courtesy of Mandi Nulph (feature image) and Funk Eye Media.]


Guavatron — Thursday, May 13

The West Palm quartet Guavatron threw down a ridiculous dance party, an amazing first real peak. It took all of five minutes for Conor Crookham to shift into space bass as the trance-dance jamtronica reached out from under the large structure, drawing more and more people in.

There was a short vocal tune with the delightful name “Mechanical Tropical Fruit Monster,” teetering between prog and pop. The dance party continued unabated, Roddy Hansen’s synths and keyboards swirling everywhere. There was a riotous tune appropriately titled “Disco Shades,” guitarist Adonis Guava singing, sporting his very own disco shades. More time? Casey Luden drove the band through “Gloopin’” from drum kit as the crowd surged again before the end of the set.


[GUAVATRON: Grit > MTFM (Mechanical Tropical Fruit Monster), Gustavo > Turtle Dream, Disco Shades, Gloopin’]

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