Electric Kif Releases New Single “Dreamlike” Featuring Aaron Parks

Fans of Miami-based power quartet Electric Kif got a sweet taste of good things to come with the release of “Dreamlike,” the band’s new single off their upcoming album of the same name due out August 2. The tune packs an added punch with renowned jazz pianist Aaron Parks contributing to the track.


Electric Kif press photo

With its syncopated beat and deeply layered synthesizers, “Dreamlike” takes listeners on a multi-dimensional sonic trip. Bassist Rodrigo Zambrano and guitarist Eric Escanes kick the track off, including synthesizers and effects, building up an extended, space-like intro. Drummer Armando Lopez enters full throttle, thundering away in an odd time signature, paving the way for keyboardist Jason Matthews’ otherworldly melody. The track culminates with Aaron Parks’ mind-bending keyboard solo, backed by the full force of the band.


Aaron Parks Press Photo

“Dreamlike” captures the band’s creative journey in a microcosm. Describing their songwriting, guitarist Eric Escanes explained, “We all have a very fair share in what we play. We all listen to each other’s ideas, and then you’re adding, you’re taking away.”

“It’s like sculpture,” added keyboardist Jason Matthews. “Writing like that is the best, ‘cause you write with your ear and then you figure it out later. I think it’s more honest that way.”


Jason Matthews & Rodrigo Zambrano – Electric Kif – Scott Hopkins


Watch the official video and take listen to “Dreamlike” below. 


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