Anthill Cinema at Orange Blossom Jamboree: Video & Photo Gallery

[The redoubtable Volke Mon and Pattie Boates took their 15 video cameras to Orange Blossom Jamboree (May12-16) at Sertoma Youth Ranch in Brooksville, Florida. Their incredible work archiving events such as OBJ is a spectacular blessing to our community. Please consider subscribing to Volke Mon’s You channel! The photos here are courtesy of Funk Eye Media & Mandi Nulph.]


From that stunning set by Row Jomah, we jetted back to hear Anthill Cinema, who had a brilliant set at Suwannee Rising and were bringing those vibes back home. By this point, we were going to need permanent jaw support. If you’ve seen them before, then you know. These guys are ridiculous: JR Williams; Yral ‘datdudeondrums’ Morris; Cody Moore, keyboards, alto sax; Matt Mayu, keyboards, vocals; Vinny Svoboda, bass; Jason Hobert, guitar; and  Justino Lee Walker, guitar, vocals.

Do they play prog? Jazz? Pop? Rock? Funk? Jam? Psychedelia? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes, they do, brilliantly. After a truly monster set, they bounced through Walker’s “Pop Song,” twisting and turning from second to second.

[ANTHILL CINEMA: Essential Works: Wash Yo Gaht Damn Hands, Crack Smoke 2.0, So So Many Men, James Tron, Hyphen No Space, People Watching, Parfum, Dunjavich, Amnesia; Great Ghoul, Jig Montage; Act 2: We’ve Got a Lot of Work to Do, Flight of the Kiwi, Pandora’s Box; Pop Song]

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