Souljam at Pareidolia Brewing Co. (Sebastian, FL) 5/8/21

Souljam is an outstanding jam band working out of Vero Beach, Florida. They have been mainstays on the scene for more than half a dozen years, playing venues and festivals all around the Sunshine State.


Archivist Butch Almberg has recorded them often. On Saturday, May 8, he caught their two sets at Pareidolia Brewing Co. in Sebastian. He has shared video of both sets and the audio. The second-set video is below; first set is available on his Facebook page. We are grateful to Butch and all of the archivists keeping us inundated with great music! Be sure to give him AND Souljam a LIKE, too!

Pareidolia Brewing Co.

1.  Doctor
2.  I Ain’t Dead Yet
2.  China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider (Grateful Dead)
4.  Let Me Be
5.  Turtle Turtle
6.  Good Times
6.  Power
7.  Lucy *

8.  Fire On The Mountain
9.  Changing Tide
10. Surprise Valley (Widespread Panic)
11.  Love Tractor (Widespread Panic)
12. Leap I
13.  Leap II
14.  Lizards
15.  Whipping Post (The Allman Brothers) *


Anna Lee Keehner – Guitar and Vocals
John Carpenter – Guitar and Vocal
Will Keehner – Bass Guitar
Patrick Williams II – Drums
Brandon Putzke – Percussion


*Special Guest: Kevin Lureau – Harmonica

The audio engineer was Beckie Campbell, who runs sound for Indigo Girls!




Butch Almberg


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