Orange Blossom Jamboree… The REST of the Story

So, yeah, there’s some music stuff happening at OBJ (as Orange Blossom Jamboree is affectionately known). Buncha stuff, actually. Pretty good, too.




Posters! T-shirts! Beer! Live artists! Rising Lights workshops! Ice! Theme nights! Children’s area and activities! Vendors! Drum circle!

Volunteers! Sound and lighting engineers! Tireless workers and stagehands! Audio archivists and videographers!


Have you checked out the OBJ poster created by Adam Danger Smith? It’s the feature image above! And there will be live artists painting and creating throughout the festival! (No, Bean Spence’s name isn’t on here. Yes he WILL be there! Without Bean it would just be… OJ.)


Rising Light once again has a full schedule of workshops, yoga, and much more.  Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out their tips for festival survival!


Did you catch the themes for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday?

How about a drum circle Friday night?

The children’s area will be up and running with all sorts of magical activities and the much-anticipated parade (Saturday, we think), AND there will be a teen tent for ages 14-17 called The Bridge.

ICE, ICE, BABY! The Sertoma folks will be manning the little cafe with a few food items and ICE!

Lots of vendors will be on hand, slinging food, clothing, trinkets, and assorted goodies.

The OBJ sponsor is Dunedin Brewery, and they will have outstanding beer on sale (yes, you can BYO).


And we know this is the first time back to a festival for many of you! We are tasked with acting responsibly during this pandemic situation while collecting hugs, fist-bumps, kisses, handshakes, elbow-bumps, and appreciative nods all weekend long. Please respect others’ ground rules in this unprecedented time.

Be good tenants of the space at Sertoma Youth Ranch. We want to be invited back. Clean your area before you leave, please!


And bring a whole passel of thanks for the many people who are throwing this shindig, beginning of course with our hosts Toby and Russ Bowers, and then on to the folks at the gate, those setting up (and eventually tearing down), the amazing sound and lighting crews (some story about some Andy guy in the “house”), and the many incredible volunteers and staff ensuring a successful, enjoyable weekend of music and love.

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