Great Musical Television: John & Yoko on Dick Cavett 1972

Great thanks to rock connoisseur Andre Moshenberg for hipping us to this great story from: The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge:

John Lennon and Yoko Ono made a guest appearance on ABC-TV’s Dick Cavett Show on May 11, 1972. During the show, John casually told Cavett that he believed that the FBI was wiretapping his phone in order to gather evidence for his deportment.

At the time, many people thought Lennon was just making it up. As it turned out, he was right.

Any of you remember watching this when it originally aired 49 years ago today?

Here is the whole show with Dick Cavett talking about what went on first.

00:00  Cavett added this introduction later to talk about the use of the first song that Lennon and Ono performed.

02:22  opening of the Dick Cavett Show 

12:00  Shirley McLaine is the first guest on the show.

29:26  John & Yoko join the set

50:30  “Woman is the Nigger to the World” — the band is Elephant’s Memory

56:30  John & Yoko return to the set

60:00  “We’re All Water”

65:00  John & Yoko return to the set

68:05  end


Elephant’s Memory had a memorable hit with “Mongoose.” The band included Stan Bronstein, tenor saxophone; Wayne ‘Tex’ Gabriel, guitar; Richard Frank Jr., drums; and Adam Ippolito, organ.

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