New Single “Marrakush” from Upcoming Electric Kif Album ‘Dreamlike’

Right about the time that Electric Kif were crushing their set at Fool’s Engagement Music & Arts Festival on April 2, they also released the first single from their next album, Dreamlike, due out in August. This brilliant jazz-fusion/prog-rock quartet from Miami have been thrilling audiences everywhere they go with their excellent compositions and outstanding playing.

“Marrakush” is the new single, accurately described as “upcoming moody and mesmerizing.” The song is indeed “dreamlike,” creating in your mind an alternate reality. Much of the credit for that goes to Jason Matthews’ delightfully spacey keyboards and synths. The Kif rhythm section — Rodrigo Zambrano on bass and Armando Lopez on drums — provides the perfect platform for the song, with great coloring from Eric Escanes on guitar.

From the press release: 

“While the rhythmic layers of the bass and drums propel the track, the arrangement is punctuated by crunchy analog synth and distorted guitar melodies to provide a tangible richness. Swirling Rhodes pads and guitar swells processed through analog tape delays underscore the captivating warmth and ethereal nature of the production.”

“We enjoyed ‘sitting’ on the groove for longer periods of time than we might have in previous records. This was the first song we attempted to play live, and it was fitting for it to be on a live stream in front of only the sound man — just as strange as the new writing process.”

Their previous albums, including Jefe and The Heist, offer ample demonstration of what this quartet can do. They belong in the national spotlight. Let’s hope this new album helps propel them there.

Feature image courtesy of Claudia Sanchez Silva.



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