Miley Cyrus Rocks NCAA Men’s Final Four

In what can only be described as a truly special surprise for those watching college basketball on Saturday night, Miley Cyrus rocked the sports world with an epic hard-rocking 18-minute performance billed as a Tribute to Frontline Workers where Cyrus and her band covered some of rock’s all-time greats. The performance took place right after the Baylor Bears blew out the Houston Cougars in the first game of the NCAA Men’s Final Four taking place at Lucas Oil Stadium Unity Court in Indianapolis, Indiana. Cyrus walked out and took full control of the basketball court while dressed in complete jet-black rocker wear with enough chains to lock up the inmates in San Quentin.

Because of Covid-19, there were no fans in the stands other than a few handpicked frontline heroes and the 25 on-court pods set up in front of the stage. Cyrus once again showed us her particular ability to transition from pop to country and now to rock like very few can. She opened with two of Queen’s biggest hits, including 1977’s stadium anthem rock mega-hit “We Will Rock You” followed 1979’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” Primarily known for her pop hits, Miley’s darker, grittier low voice was a perfect range for this setlist and showed her incredible chameleonic ability to transition into various genres of music. Cyrus continues to delight us with her musical prowess while continuously reinventing herself. Miley fans got a chance to see her belt out her most recent release, last year’s “Midnight Sky,” which came from her seventh studio album, Plastic Hearts. Next up was a cover of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” from the band’s third studio album, 1978’s Parallel Lines. Perhaps the best suited song with a similar vocal range to Cyrus’ natural voice was Stevie Nick’s super hit “Edge of Seventeen.” Cyrus reached into her catalog of songs to perform her 2013 award-winning hit “Wrecking Ball.” Closing out the night, Cyrus jumped into a true rock classic, The Guess Who’s 1970 song “American Woman,” before she dropped the mic and walked off the court.

Clearly Cyrus has an edgy harder side to her, and it was great to see her unleash it while taking full control of the court. Although she has no tours scheduled in 2021, let’s hope she adds a few of these classic hit songs to any future concerts as it’s a side of Miley we want to see more of.

Setlist: 1. We Will Rock You (Queen) 2. Don’t Stop Me Now (Queen) 3. Midnight Sky (Miley Cyrus) 4. Heart of Glass (Blondie) 5. Edge of Seventeen (Stevie Nicks) 6. Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus) 7. American Woman (The Guess Who)


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