Elvis to Ochs to Buckley for Two!

Tinker to Evers to Chance? Not exactly.

This is about musical parody — not in the music, but in the cover artwork. Let’s start with Elvis Presley’s second greatest hits collection (1959) and this over-the-top cover:


That prompted Phil Ochs, master folk singers and composer of power songs such as “Outside of a Small Circle of Friends,” to go the parody route for his greatest hits album, with this suit on the front cover:


and this masterpiece of satire on the back:


Ochs also had a great album from 1965 titled Tape from California, with a postcard on the back:


Fast-forward to Tim Buckley’s 1972 gem Greetings from L.A. parodied that postcard on the inside of the gatefold:


And speaking of Elvis Presley, his 1956 eponymous album — his debut — has engendered numerous parodies, including The Clash, Mutts Comics, and a couple about Pelvis himself! The cover photo was shot at Tampa’s Fort Homer Hesterly Armory.


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