Are You a Parochial Music Fan?

“Parochial” means having a limited or narrow outlook or scope. We were thinking about the title — not the substance (that song is heavy) — of Phil Ochs’ masterpiece “Outside of a Small Circle of Friends” as it relates to some parochial concert- and festival-goers.

A parochial music fan only goes to hear bands he knows and likes at local concerts.

A parochial music festival-goer avoids most of the bands on the lineup and only goes to see the bands she knows and likes.

Neither works to expand his or her horizons much if at all.

Does this describe you? Does it describe friends of yours?

There is a LOT of astounding music happening just “outside [your] small circle of friends” … and bands.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Step outside of that circle — every now and again — to give bands you know only a little or not at all a chance. And encourage your friends to do the same!

We GUARANTEE you will be pleasantly surprised!



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