Adam Chase, Jamar Woods & Felix Pastorius Sunday at New Belgium Brewery

We don’t care WHAT you’ve got going on Sunday at noon. If you are ANYWHERE NEAR New Belgium Brewery in Asheville NC, you’d best drop all of your pressing affairs and devote your attention to the free brunch-time concert May 2 from noon to 3 p.m.

The Adam Chase Trio is led by drummer Chase. He will be joined by keyboard wizard extraordinaire Jamar Woods (fine vocalist, too) from The Fritz, and on bass is the titanic Felix Pastorius of Hipster Assassins. That’s one righteous group right there!

New Belgium is celebrating their anniversary, and Adam, Jamar, and Felix are celebrating being able to play music in public again. 

Come join them. It’s outdoors with lots of space!

New Belgium Brewery



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