Take a Funky “Crab Walk” with Funkboy

“Crab Walk” is a smokin’ new single on Color Red Music from IvanFunkboy’ Bodley, showcasing his talents as studio musician (bass), musical director, and master of the art of remote collaboration. The guitarist here is Moses Mo, who has been a mainstay in the business since the ’80s with the underappreciated Mother’s Finest. Crispin Cioe from the Uptown Horns (who played the alto solo on James Brown’s “Living in America”) plays some badass sax here. Color Red artist James Dower has a long list of credits of his own on keyboards, and drummer Kenny Soule and percussionist Doug Hinrichs power the rhythm section along with Funkboy. 

Funkboy’s nasty baseline and a world of percussion kick the track off. Dower enters next on clavinet, then also organ, before the Crispin Cioe sax section blows it up (multiple saxophones in the mix). During the first chorus, Cioe’s baritone sax begins a discussion that will explode shortly. The second stanza finds the sax and keyboards trading with Mo’s guitar. Cioe jumps back in with a masterful baritone solo, followed by a stinging guitar solo. That second chorus is just so fat, and drums and percussion take the track home.

Let’s hope there’s more where this came from!

Track personnel: IvanFunkboy’ Bodley, bass; Crispin Cioe, saxophones; Moses Mo, guitar; James Dower, keyboards; Doug Hinrichs, percussion; and Kenny Soule, drums.

The session was produced by IvanFunkboy’ Bodley, who was also the tracking engineer at The Funk Lab. Lee Popa was mixing engineer at Color Red Studios Tokyo, and the mastering engineer was Doug Krebs at Doug Krebs Mastering.

Color Red


Moses Mo

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