Great Moments in Television Music History: Dr. John’s New Orleans Swamp 1974

In 1974, the television program Soundstage hosted Dr. John’s New Orleans Swamp, featuring the one and only Professor Longhair, The Meters, and Earl King. It was a brilliant night and an eye-opener for those who knew very little about the active New Orleans music scene.


Dr. John graciously turns the beginning of the program over to Professor Longhair, who proceeds to put on a clinic, backed by The Meters (George Porter Jr., bass; Leo Noscentelli, guitar; Art Neville, piano; Cyrille Neville, percussion; and Zigaboo Modeliste, drums). Professor Longhair is superb, and The Meters match him perfectly.

01:30  Rock&Roll medley beginning with “She Walked Right In; She Walked Right Out”
05:10  “Tipitina”
08:40  “I Gotta Whole Lotta Love for You”
11:30  “Every Day I Have the Blues”


Great singer, songwriter, and guitarist Earl King is up next, again backed by The Meters. 

16:00  “They Don’t Want Me to See You”
19:00  “Those Lonely, Lonely Nights”  with Dr. John

Earl King


The Meters get their own set, and they laid it down! They open with a smash from 1969 and then a track from their brand new album Rejuvenation.

23:40  “Look-Ka Py Py”
26:00  “Jungle Man”

The Meters


Then it’s time to “call the Dr.” and his band! “Quitters Never Win” was the lead track from his new album Desitively Bonnaroo.

29:55  “Call the Dr.”

Dr. John

30:30  “Drive It Home” (piano)
32:50  ?? (piano)
38:10  “Quitters Never Win” (electric piano)
42:20  “Such a Night” (electric piano)
46:20  “Right Place, Wrong Time” (electric piano)

Dr. John


Finally, Dr. John calls EVERYBODY up for the finale. Earl King has lead vocal (and whistling), and the confluence of Art Neville on organ, Professor Longhair on piano, and Dr. John on electric piano is mind-blowing! 

50:25  “Big Chief”


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