Fool’s Engagement Adds a Whole ’Nother Festival’s Worth!

We’ve come to expect a lot from Get Laws’t Entertainment, the group that brought you Monster Mash and the Women’s Empowerment Tour, and we were blown away by the initial lineup release for Fool’s Engagement Music & Arts Festival from Thursday, April 1, through Saturday, April 3, at Ellie Ray’s RV Resort on the Santa Fe River in Branford, Florida.

Slammed with heavy-hitters such as Dumpstaphunk, SunSquabi, Ghost-Note, DJ Williams’ Shots Fired, Jessica Jones, CopE, Chacuba, and Guavatron, the more than two dozen names on that list promised an outrageously good time.

Was that enough for Tom Laws and Clint McLellan? HELL, NO!

What they have just released would constitute a brilliant festival — all by itself! This is so over the top we are (nearly) at a loss for words.

Doom Flamingo

If ALL they had added were Doom Flamingo and Russ Liquid, we’d have shot up skyrockets of joy. Russ Liquid is the outstanding musician/producer who has rocked many festivals. And Doom Flamingo is the stunning synth wave band from Charleston, the brainchild of Umphrey’s McGee bassist Ryan Stasik, featuring the magnificent Kanika Moore. And speaking of UM, drummer Kris Myers will also be there with his Chicago fusion band Kick the Cat!

Dr. Bacon 📷: Rich Levine

That merely opens the floodgate of awesome music being tacked on to the original lineup. Dr. Bacon from Asheville will do, well, whatever they do, which is practically everything! Ajeva, Bonnie Blue, and Electric Kif represent some of the greatest jazz, rock, jam, and blues coming out of Florida.

Electric Kif 📷:

Savi Fernandez will make a triumphant return to Florida for two sets. There is more superb jam and rock and funk from Tand and Tropico Blvd, and Florida’s very best soul revue will be on hand: The Legendary JCs featuring the unstoppable Eugene Snowden. Wrapping up the lineup: brilliant looper Matt Henderson, SIDE TRAKD, Rohan Solo, and Future Joy — eclectic original electronic music with a taste of sax and soul.

Savi Fernandez


The original lineup teased Jester Jam. Now we know who that will be! MonoNeon (Ghost-Note) on bass, Kris Myers (UM) on drums, Joe Marcinek on guitar, Dominique Xavier Taplin (Ghost-Note) on keyboards, DJ Williams (Shots Fired, KDTU) on guitar, Jason Hann (SCI) on percussion, and Miss Jessica Jones on vocals extraordinaire!



Artists at large for the event are Jason Hann, Joe Marcinek, Jessica Jones, and George Pennington III.

Time to get on the good foot!


Fool’s Engagement

Ellie Ray’s






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