Australian Bee Gees Staying Alive in Las Vegas

When it comes to live music performances by some of the biggest names in music, Las Vegas has become the home to residency shows across the entire spectrum of music. Long-standing residency shows had become a common theme in Sin City until the COVID-19 pandemic put a serious crimp in live performances. Since then, only a handful of theater shows have restarted and are currently performing before live audiences. If you’re like the millions who visit Las Vegas annually and miss the excitement of sights and sounds of live music, you are most likely getting the vaccine in hopes of returning to the entertainment capital of the world to attend shows for some semblance of normalcy.

The group regarded as perhaps the greatest Bee Gees tribute band in the world, The Australian Bee Gees, are the long-tenured talented trio of musicians comprised of Barry (Michael Clift), Robin (David Scott) and Maurice (Wayne Hosking). Considered to be long time residents to the Las Vegas music scene, they have been performing live to fans from around the globe since first taking the stage in 1996. While it’s not 1977, and disco has been “dead” for many years, the Bee Gees left a lasting legacy of over five decades of music in the pop, rock, and disco genres. The Australian Bee Gees play a non-stop 70-minute show of some of the band’s biggest hits, including “Staying Alive,” “You Should Be Dancing,” “How Deep Is Your Love,” and “Jive Talkin’,” clad in clothes and styles of that era. If you remember the magic of Saturday Night Fever and how the disco era captivated the world nearly overnight, this is a show that will take you back to the days of platform shoes and groovy jumpsuits.

The trio and band just began performing again this week, and they play nightly at 6:00 p.m. (except for Fridays) at the Thunderland Showroom at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas.


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