Why I’ve Written About Guavatron Two Dozen Times

OK, probably more than two dozen, but that is a reasonable place to start.

“Best” and “favorite” and other such accolades are fine, but they are all so subjective. I prefer to talk about music that moves me in numerous ways. I like lots of genres and bands, but I know, deep down, that jamtronic trance-dance sends me to my happy place more often that any other kind of music.


Rodney Hansen – Guavatron – HTNYR. 📷: Chuck Smalling


And there are three bands at the top of my list of those bands: one you know, another you should, and a third you NEED to know. They are The Disco Biscuits, DYNOHUNTER, and Guavatron. The Disco Biscuits have been serving “Fresh Biscuits to your door since 1995 — straight out of Philadelphia, PA.” DYNOHUNTER from Boulder play electrifying live house music and techno. These are groups I put in the category: bands you never, ever want to miss.


Conor Crookham – Guavatron – HTNYR. 📷: Mandi Nulph


Guavatron (West Palm Beach) belong in that same conversation and deserve national attention. (Hey, Jam Cruise!) They have played every conceivable festival and venue in Florida and are, as downbeat Magazine used to denote, TDWR (Talent Deserving Wider Recognition). They just blew up the Farm to Grass Music Festival. In April they’ll be part of the inaugural Fool’s Engagement fest in Branford on the Santa Fe River, playing two nights (April 1-3).

Just who ARE these guys? Roddy Hansen– keyboards/synths; Conor Crookham– bass guitar; Adonis Guava– guitar/vocals; and Casey Luden– drums.


Casey Luden – Guavatron – HTNYR. 📷: Mandi Nulph


On September 3, 2020, they stepped into AURA Studios (yes, that AURA, the erstwhile brilliant music and arts festival), with Daryl Wolff, who ran the AURA festival, as sound engineer and handling video production. (Wolff also has an excellent band called Tand.) The light designer was Eric Stenger.


Adonis Guava – Guavatron – HTNYR. 📷: Chuck Smalling


They CRUSHED this tremendous set. Give them a listen; they will make it worth your while!


[09.03.20 SETLIST: Get it On > Things I Forget > De Funke > Better Off Alone > Show Me Love > Xilla > Gloopin, Voyager, Ray Gun, All Systems Go]


In addition to their upcoming festival appearance, they have a free show this Friday, February 12, at Guanabanas Island Restaurant & Bar in Jupiter. On Saturday, February 27, catch Perpetual Guava at The Thirsty Gecko in Davie; that would be Guavatron with Brock Butler of Perpetual Groove!



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