Suwannee Rising Sends Memo to Last Year’s Ticketholders

Fans anxiously awaiting information about the Suwannee Rising Music Festival got great news the other day. People who had purchased tickets for last year’s cancelled event and rolled them over to 2021 got messages in their inboxes. In part, it read:

Presently, we are working hard creating a plan to host a different looking Suwannee Rising 2021 that is both safe, socially distanced and chock full of incredible music and great times at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park. Before diving full speed ahead into booking and planning Suwannee Rising 2021, we wanted to ask you one simple question-

That lead to this explanation; this same system was used successfully at Mardi Gras “Mask”erade a week ago:


Squad Pods

This year’s format would feature two stages side by side so the music plays throughout the event. We will arrange socially distanced pods throughout the field with spacious aisles between them. Each pod will include 4 tickets and you can add up to 2 extra people per pod. We think this format will be incredibly fun and memorable but different than the usual Suwannee show.



If the Suwannee Rising 2021 line-up is to your liking, will you utilize the credit you have from your Suwannee Rising 2020 ticket to attend Suwannee Rising 2021 or will you roll your credit over to 2022?

The dates are April 8-10. If many who rolled their tickets over are planning to attend this year, there will be precious few available for everyone else. This is the same method the park used for the upcoming Suwannee Spring Reunion. Watch this space and the Suwannee Rising page for further updates!


Suwannee Rising

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