Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks Bring “Fireside Sessions” to Your Home

“Fireside Sessions” is the name of a new six-week series of livestream broadcasts from rotating members of Tedeschi Trucks Band, beginning Thursday, February 18, at 8 p.m. ET on The series will run through March 25 on consecutive Thursdays. Susan Tedeschi offered this:

“It’s good to play again! It’s been months since we had a gig and it feels really great to be back. We hope everyone enjoys this and thanks for watching and listening.”

Derek Trucks added:

“We want to thank everybody for supporting the band and crew and all the charities we’ve been supporting on this break. It’s helping to keep this train on the tracks, so thanks for being there, it means a lot to everybody.”

The series will feature various combinations and permutations of the 12-member band, from a stripped-down duo with Tedeschi and Trucks to settings with four, six, and eight players. Tedeschi said we should expect “unique arrangements on TTB’s song catalog, including some deeper cuts not often performed live” and “several new songs they have been working on during their time off the road.”



Episodes can be purchased separately or in bundles. All proceeds from “Fireside Sessions” will benefit the band and its crew. Order through You may also support the band and crew through its support fund.


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