Ready for a Really Phish-y Purim Spiel?

Purim 2021 begins tonight, Thursday, February 25, and it’s time for the annual Purim spiel, the madcap telling of the conflict between the Persians and the Jews in 5th-century BCE.

Now take the story of Ester, Mordecai, King Ahasueras, and Haman (BOO!), and roll it all up in Phish paper, and you’ve got one joyous evening!

For the fourth year, The Rock and Roll Playhouse will hold its annual family Phish Purim Party. Why is this year different than other years? The pandemic has prevented an in-person event, but Uncle Ebenezer and Rabbi Daniel Brenner will swing their groggers to the music of Phish. Check the Rock and Roll Playhouse links below.

Purim is a holiday for everyone but most especially for children. The program will first air today at noon and will available throughout the weekend. The spiel (play), the Megillah reading, and the music will delight parents as well as their children and even adults without children at home.

Uncle Ebenezer are a great early Phish tribute band and have participated in other The Rock and Roll Playhouse events. Rabbi Brenner leads High Holiday services at New York’s Brooklyn Bowl yearly.


Uncle Ebenezer


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Uncle Ebenezer


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