Plan to Join Marco Benevento “At the Show” Wednesday

This Wednesday, February 24, marks the third StageIt appearance for Marco Benevento, beginning at 6 p.m. EST. From his press release:

For Marco Benevento’s third StageIt performance, he’ll play highlights from his classic 2009 solo album Me Not Me along with a mix of favorites from throughout his six studio LPs.

Released 12 years ago in February 2009, Me Not Me featured Marco’s covers of songs like “Golden” by My Morning Jacket, “Heartbeats” by The Knife, “Friends” by Led Zeppelin, and “Twin Killers” by Deerhoof. It also featured a handful of Marco’s original songs like “Now We’re Writing Music,” “Mephisto.” and “Call Home.” The album would also mark the debut release from independent record label Royal Potato Family.

In reviews of Me Not Me, NPR Music wrote, “Benevento has discovered his own way into music by combining the thrust of rock, the questing of jazz, and the experimental ecstasy of jam,” and JamBase called the album “a totally absorbing yet surprisingly accessible mosaic that represents the past, present and future in eye-opening ways.”


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