New on Color Red: Quantic & Eddie Roberts

Quantic, the producer moniker of Will Holland, and Eddie Roberts, guitarist of The New Mastersounds and mastermind behind Color Red Records, have teamed up on new single “The Clock Won’t Tick,” some straight-up old-school funky rock that will make you think of The Meters, T. Rex, and The Rolling Stones. The song is the first from a four-tune EP due later this year titled Sheepskin Sessions.

Holland and Roberts first connected in the early 2000s when Quantic Soul Orchestra opened for The New Mastersounds in Brighton, UK. Since then, they have kept tabs on one another. Then this happened:

While routing through Colorado to perform at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox, Holland and Roberts spent time at Macy Sound Studios laying the foundation for the session shortly before the completion of Color Red Studios in 2018. The initial session featured Josh Fairman (SunSquabi, Analog Son) on bass and Jeff Franca (Thievery Corporation, ETHNO) on drums. Once Color Red Studios was completed, Roberts invited The New Mastersounds’ horn section of Mike Olmos on trumpet and Jason Mingledorff on saxophone to lay down some horn parts while they were in town tracking Shake It. As Holland completed his new studio build in NYC, a year later, he and Roberts linked up again to add guitar overdubs and effects. After one more trip to NYC while performing his Grant Green Tribute project Green is Beautiful, the duo brought in Chris Spies (Matador! Soul Sounds) to overdub keys and the tracks were completed.

As to the song’s title, Roberts explains: 

“My old pal, singer Iain Mackenzie gave me an old 1940’s clock for my 40th birthday. It worked just fine in the UK, but when I moved it to the US, it never worked again. I wrote this one afternoon starring at the clock that just wouldn’t tick! The tune really reminds me of a T. Rex vibe, especially when Will came up with that quirky fuzz guitar line.”

The EP’s name, Sheepskin Sessions, is a nod to both Holland’s and Roberts’ Welsh heritage and the common English insult for Welshmen and their love for sheep. “We definitely share the same sense of humor and taste for orange wine,” Roberts remarks.

Quantic & Eddie Roberts

Personnel: Eddie Roberts, Guitar (The New Mastersounds); Will Holland, Guitar (Quantic); Jeff Franca, Drums, Percussion Instruments (Thievery Corporation / ETHNO); Josh Fairman, Bass (Sunsquabi, Analog Son); Chris Spies, Keyboards (Matador! Soul Sounds); Mike Olmos, Trumpet (Jazz Mafia, Etta James); and Jason Mingledorf, Saxophone (St. Paul & the Broken Bones, The Nightcrawlers).

The sessions were produced by Roberts and Holland, who was also tracking engineer along with John Macy at Macy Sounds Studios and Selva Studios. Holland did the mixing at Selva Studios, it was mastered at Doug Krebs Mastering.

This is such a gas. Everybody is in prime form here. Both guitarists crush their parts, Fairman lays down a nasty baseline, Franca keeps the troops in line, and the horn accents are superb. Spies was a fine addition here. You can just picture smiles all around. “This ain’t workin’!”


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