Morillo Out with Hypnotic Sophomore Release ‘Shades of Green’

Prolific musician, percussionist and producer Zach Morillo is out with his sophomore release Shades of Green that is a heady departure from the mostly electronic rhythms and synthesized dance music that fans have come to know. Released by Gravitas Recordings, the new album fuses live elements including acoustic drums, organic soundscapes, spoken word, reggae beats and more to create a lush musical terrain.

Morillo Press Photo

Shades of Green aims to move music lovers spiritually and physically with tunes like the reggae-infused “Champion Sound” recorded in collaboration with Canadian bass producer PRIZM. Singer Talia Bentson plunges listeners into the ethereal clutches of “Dreamland,” and “Secrets” features Evan Hatfield on sitar and poet Meg Gardner closing the song with original spoken poetry. The title track inhabits a meditative jungle far from the cacophony of civilization and invites the listener to dive into a vibrant album full of sonic surprises.


Drumming and music production have run on separate tracks of Morillo’s musical evolution, which started at the tender age of seven when he first sat down behind a drum kit. His passion for creating mesmerizing beats led him into the world of electronic music, where he has produced for and performed live with international artists such as Rhye, Groundation and Childish Gambino. Best described as bass music influenced by a blend of hip hop, dub and world music, Morillo’s productions are rhythm-fueled dance parties that have led him to perform at world-renowned festivals such as Coachella, Lightening in a Bottle, and Enchanted Forest.

Like many artists quarantined and sidelined due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Morillo took advantage of his down time to tap into his creative energies. Ensconced in his Los Angeles studio, he focused on incorporating acoustic drums and live elements into his productions. After refurbishing his drum kit, acquiring the appropriate recording equipment, and teaching himself engineering skills, Morillo set his sights on crafting a recording touched by human elements. The result is the lush and hypnotic Shades of Green. The album is available now on most streaming platforms and can be accessed by clicking  the fanlink here. Sample a bit of its magic below.

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