Karmageddon at So Many Roads Museum & Brewery in March

Before we talk about what Karmageddon IS, let’s talk about what Karmageddon is NOT.


Do NOT search Facebook for Karmageddon. Well, you CAN, but you’ll discover six pages, NONE of which are about this amazing two-day event. Forewarned is forearmed.


Dave Watts, Ola Timothy, Marcus Rezak, Matt Dolliver & Todd Stoops


Karmageddon is a two-night event at So Many Roads Museum and Brewery in Denver

on Friday and Saturday, March 19 & 20, featuring an incredible quartet of musicians: Dave Watts (The Motet), drums; Marcus Rezak (Shred is Dead), guitar, vocals; Todd Stoops (RAQ), keyboards; and Olamide Timothy. (It was originally scheduled for this weekend but was moved to the March dates.)


Dave Watts

It’s a matter of rounding up the usual suspects with Watts, Rezak, and Stoops, but you might not be familiar with Ola Timothy; we aren’t, either. However, we will definitely trust Watts on this:


Ola Timothy

Facebook Event


Todd Stoops & Marcus Rezak


Marcus Rezak


Todd Stoops & Marcus REzak


Dave Watts & Marcus Rezak

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