Troy Youngblood & Dan Miller : Smoke & Mojo — The Maine Music Project

Florida’s loss was Maine’s gain. Troy Youngblood is a fine guitarist and incredible blues singer whose Florida career included a number of groups, most prominently Skull & Bone Band, Troy Youngblood & Soulfish, and St Yo, a duet with Dennis Stadelman of CopE. Several years ago he moved his family and his musical talent to Maine, where he has been very active and appreciated.

He and Dan Miller did a livestream Thursday, January 14, performing as Smoke & Mojo, through the Maine Music Project with hosts Michelle Markowitz Arcand and Natalie Mishell Martinez. Youngblood and Miller, the bass player, are also part of a band called BookHead SweetTooth.

Sit back, enjoy a beverage or edible or similar, and let them carry you away for a bit. Audio begins at 6:40, and the music starts after introductions at 12:00.

That gorgeous purple hat is Youngblood’s trademark. As he states it, “The hat is where it’s at!”

Troy Youngblood


Troy Youngblood


Troy Youngblood & Dan Miller

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