Star Kitchen Back with Second Single on Color Red

Star Kitchen burst on the scene late in 2018 and had a great 2019 before 2020 ground everything almost to a halt. The Philadelphia quartet just issued their second single, “Punches,” on the Color Red label out of Denver.

Star Kitchen are: Marc Brownstein, bass; Danny Mayer, guitar; Rob Marscher, keyboards; and Marlon Lewis, drums. For this track, they invited Nate Werth (Snarky Puppy, Ghost-Note) to add percussion. It was produced by Josh Fairman (SunSquabi), who did the tracking at Color Red Studios and was mixing engineer at Laskin Productions. The session was mastered at Doug Krebs Mastering.

Star Kitchen.  📷: Roger Gupta


The band’s press release offered this:

I think we really captured a moment there. The vibe in the basement at Color Red & being snowed in. Things being a little messed up with Marc’s eye being injured and the general f’d-up nature of 2020. COVID-19 was already popping up in the news at that point. Once we started jamming it became pretty apparent that, with our backgrounds and interests in hip-hop, reggae, jam rock and electronic music, we would have a pretty easy time creating in that space!

The group released their first single on Color Red in July, a great song called “Entirely,” also with Werth and Eddie Roberts. They also posted a live recording at the same time of the band throwing down a tremendous cover of Eumir Deodato’s “September 13.” Both of those are straight-up funk fest, as are the band’s great live shows.

“Punches” is something altogether different. It is an incredibly chill track, shimmering in a pocket somewhere between hip hop sensibilities and acid jazz. Everybody’s playing is laid back. Mayer plays some slinky guitar while Marscher stands out with gorgeous subtle Hammond B3 work, then synths and organ with guitar support.

Brownie’s bass pulses through the track, and the complex rhythms Lewis and Werth lay down are perfect. Mayer takes a fine guitar solo, again reserved in context. Star Kitchen continues to expand its range, and this is a superb new direction to explore.



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