Disco Biscuits Offer Up 2 Live-Stream Shows Free from The Ardmore

Thank the music gods and goddesses — and all of the technical wizards — for live-streams. Otherwise most of us would have melted into little puddles after ten months of being sent to our rooms. Our next round of thanks goes to the Kings of Philadelphia: The Disco Biscuits.

Marc, Aron, Jon, and Allen are ready to serve up two nights of music from the incredible Ardmore Music Hall on February 5 & 6. We love this, of course. And, to slather the icing on the cake liberally, these streams are free to everyone!

The Disco Biscuits – @heady_net

Bisco fans: you’re already on it! Now get your friends to tune in, too! We’ll climb out of this morass at some point, but for now, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to The Disco Biscuits and all the other bands providing us with life-saving music!

The Disco Biscuits


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