Brand New Song “Ally” from Adryon De León

[This article has been updated with the brand new video for “Ally.”]

Exquisite vocalist Adryon De León is debuting her brand new song “Ally” today (January 8). This track cuts straight to the chase. Miss De León explains:

The producers of this track — Max MacVeety and David Tam — invited me into the studio after months of quarantine. We got to chatting about civil and racial unrest, and David sat down to the Rhodes and started looping a Stevie Wonder-type phrase. Max sat down to the drums to lay down a march of sorts… a call to arms… and that was that.

The process of recording “Ally” was a cathartic and humbling one. It was time for me to stop being precious with the subject matter and contribute in the only way I knew how at the moment. I hope the tune serves as a reminder that the fight for justice is not over; in fact, this iteration has just begun. Everyone can be an ally to the disenfranchised, vulnerable, and overlooked.

Adryon de León and Sergio Rios of Orgōne

De León is a highly regarded singer who currently works with Orgōne and with Matador! Soul Sounds. She has a solid body of recorded work with both and is pure electricity on stage. She has already recorded a gorgeous song for the soundtrack of the new movie Mank.

Matador! Soul Sounds

For “Ally,” the personnel are: Adryon De León, vocals; David Tam, Fender Rhodes; Derrick Wong, bass; Kevin O’Dea, electric guitar; Chris Spies, electric organ; Kim Dawson, background vocals; Tamika Peoples, background vocals; Gabe Martin, trumpet, horn arrangements; Ricky Lucchese, trombone; Tim McKay, baritone saxophone; and Samson Olawale, percussion. The track was produced by Eddie Roberts, Max MacVeety, and David Tam. Roberts was the mixing engineer at Color Red Studios in Denver, and Doug Krebs mastered the recording at Doug Krebs Mastering.


“Ally” is beautiful old-school soul musically and gripping lyrically, evoking the music of the protest movements in the ’70s updated to our tumultuous present times. The track kicks in with heavy percussion before echoed guitar permeates the air. De León’s powerhouse voice can roar and then drop to a whisper. The superb backing vocals are courtesy of Kim Dawson, De León’s partner fronting Matador! Soul sounds, and Tamika Peoples. The organ and electric piano shimmer in the background. The horn arrangements add the perfect kick, especially McKay on baritone sax.

Adryon De León


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