1904 Music Hall Jacksonville Announces Slammin’ NYE Celebration

If you live someplace where there are live music shows, count your blessings, since so much of the country does not. And further acknowledge that your good fortune could disappear at any moment as the pandemic continues to rampage.

1904 Music Hall has your Jacksonville hookup for New Year’s Eve with a superb lineup: Greenhouse Lounge, Side Hustle, Universal Sigh, and a bevy of DJs out on the patio spinning all night long. 

Greenhouse Lounge returned from a long hiatus a year ago, and each time they have performed since has been a jamtronic treat. 

Side Hustle – OBJ 📷: Matt Hillman

Side Hustle have been blowing everything up, evidenced especially by their transformative set at Monster Mash.

And Universal Sigh is the precisely correct response to the insanity of 2020.

This is going to sell out in a hot minute. Be there. Aloha.


1904 Music Hall

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