WOW! is Right!

Our friend Hoke Smith shared this awesome story to the SOS / BOS group (Sisters of the Suwannee / Brothers of the Suwannee), and we are totally knocked out! Thank you, Hoke!



One of my favorite bands (Umphrey’s McGee) assists Billy Strings on the signature song by my guitar hero!

The first thing I noticed was the guitar Billy was playing … well, here’s its story!

“Well, my grandpa literally built it in prison. He was incarcerated from 1960 to 1962 at the Michigan State Penitentiary. He was a nonviolent offender, so he had access to the woodshop, and he came out of there with this electric guitar he’d built. He made it out of a cedar table [laughs]. The tabletop became the body and a leg became the neck with a Gibson acoustic fretboard. It might’ve been a functional guitar at some point, but it didn’t have a truss rod, so when he put steel strings on it, the neck bowed and that was it. I first saw it when I was five or six, snooping around my grandma’s closet. A few years ago I remembered it, so I called my mom, and she told me my Uncle Bill had the guitar. It was in pieces, so we had to do a complete restoration. Dave Johnson, who works at Carter Vintage and has his own brand, Scale Model Guitars, did the work.”

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