Seattle’s Polyrhythmics Continue to Reinvent Themselves: “Cosimo”

Polyrhythmics are constantly evolving. Yes, they are the superb band ten years into this experiment has a horn-driven powerhouse. Their latest album, Man from the Future, is outstanding, their fifth and the first one on Color Red Music. Their self-description as working toward that “hard-driving modern-afro-psycho-beat sound” is spot on.

In October, the group released “Zion,” the first track from a new EP titled Fondue Party. It has a chillwave, trance-dance groove, so ethereal and uplifting. Now comes new single “Cosimo,” an Afrobeat delight. The percussion permeates every inch of the song, with killer guitar grooves and the amazing horn section doing what they do best. We presume this is the second track from Fondue Party, due for release December 4. 

From the group’s Color Red press release:

Fondue Party is a concept record of tracks recorded during the Man from the Future sessions but deliberately saved for this EP. This collection of songs explores the group’s downtempo, chilled-out side with heavy dub influence. While past releases mirror the group’s live performances with diverse and dynamic sets taking you on a journey with lots of twists and turns along the way, Fondue Party fits a vibe of its own and is intentionally different than past releases. The EP will also commemorate the band’s tenth anniversary and serves as a special treat to longtime fans while perking up the ears of new listeners.

“Cosimo” by Polyrhythmics calls upon the universe as an experiment to fuse dance genres from all around the world together. Heavy with percussion and entrancing vamps, the tune is assembled with rhythmic textures, layering, and tight-knit harmonies. The track is a nod to DJs and musicians all around the world who are dedicated to melding several genres of dance-inducing music together. Consequently, “Cosimo” is a grade-A testament to the versatility Polyrhythmics has been imparting on their signature style of psychedelic funk for almost a decade.

Polyrhythmics are: Ben Bloom, guitar; Grant Schroff, drums; Karl Olsen, percussion; Jason Gray, bass; Nathan Spicer, keyboards; Scott Morning, trumpet; Art Brown, tenor sax, flute; and Elijah Clark, trombone.

“Cosimo” was produced by Jason Gray & Polyrhythmics. Gray was the tracking engineer at Studio Aleth and did the mixing at Blue Mallard Recording. It was mastered at Doug Krebs Mastering.

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