Outstanding New ATOMGA Afrobeat Delight “Which One Are You”

If you are searching for some down and dirty Afrobeat rhythms, look no further than ATOMGA. This outstanding Colorado collective is in its tenth year, and they’ve just released another superb single, “Which One Are You.”

Frank Roddy explained the genesis for this new tune:

I got the idea for this song after someone approached me and, in a very condescending manner, asked, “Which one are you?” I was taken aback and then simply introduced myself to them. It made me think about all the times when we make choices on how we act and how we treat others. “Which One Are You” is a question we could ask ourselves.

Vocalist LaShá “CalySōl” Afarko shared her inspiration for the song

Many beautiful beings in time have experienced moments when someone has, say, toed the line of social inappropriateness, whether that be verbally or physically, from both men and women alike. Depending on the subject, these experiences have fallen anywhere on the spectrum from ghastly uncomfortable to salaciously tantalizing. I’ve coined these violators “aliens from cryptalon.” The lyrics of “Which One Are You” is the twisted love child of many a moments like this. Can you imagine the inner dialogue, this voice inside saying “Alright now, you keep messing around with me and etc. etc. etc.”? Exactly, it makes me laugh my ass off! Thus the references, language and quirkiness of the lyrics. From paying homage to Harlem Night’s character “Sunshine” and the Rolling Stone’s song “Miss You,” “WOAY” takes you on an adventure into thoughts of moments when the gray area gets shticky.

This new single follows “Zenpocalypse” and “Lucidity” plus two great remixes of each of those tracks. The groove is deep and wide with a ATOMGA; there is no way to escape the infectious beats and the glorious vocals of Afarko. The horn section of Leah Concialdi, Frank Roddy, and Alice Hansen is pure badass, and the rhythm and percussion section (Sam Lafalce, J.R. Ranck, Jared Fischer, and Matt Schooley) grab hold of you and will not let you go. Concialdi’s baritone starts the conversation immediately, and during the first horn break Hansen has a nice feature. Peter Mouser on organ and Casey Hrdlicka help to evoke that Fela Kuti sensibility.


ATOMGA are: Leah Concialdi, baritone saxophone, background vocals; Frank Roddy, tenor saxophone, background vocals; Alice Hansen, trumpet, background vocals; LaShá “CalySōl” Afarko, vocals; Casey Hrdlicka, electric guitar, background vocals; Sam Lafalce, bass guitar; Peter Mouser, keyboard, electric organ; J.R. Ranck, drums; Jared Fischer, djembe; and Matt Schooley, timbales, shekere, auxillary percussion, background vocals.

Leah Concialdi was the producer, and Eddie Roberts was the tracking engineer at Color Red Studios. Tony Austin did the mixing at Digital-T Studio in Los Angeles, and it was mastered at Doug Krebs Mastering.

Color Red

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