moe. Offers “New Hope For The New Year”

moe. released new album This Is Not, We Are in June, the first new studio material issued by the New York quintet since 2014’s No Guts, No Glory. Early in November, they offered more new music in the form of Not Normal, an EP, with five songs, one appropriately titled “New Hope For The New Year,” and that is precisely what we all need right now.

“New Hope For The New Year” hits the ground running, drums, percussion, and guitars rushing headlong at you. The thump from Vinnie Amico’s drums plus Rob Derhak’s bass lines provide the pulse for the track. Jim Loughlin is a rock star on vibraphone, and he is prominently featured throughout the song. Chuck Garvey sings, and he and Al Schnier do the guitar rave-up as well as anyone. This nine-minute song packs a wallop lyrically and musically as well. Additionally, moe. has begun to share commentary videos with Relix to complement the tracks on Not Normal.




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