Hometeam New Year’s Rally Will Pass for 2020

This message comes from Jenelle and Cody Bean, our hosts for the past eight years’ worth of Hometeam New Year’s Rallies. HTNYR is the Florida music festival which annually brings in great national, regional, and local music.


Prom King & Queen – HTNYR – Chuck Smalling

“2020… what a ride it’s been for us all!

For many of us, the challenges seemed insurmountable at times as the seemingly endless stream of “losses” pounded our sense of normalcy into dust.  

But here we are, coming out of a holiday of gratitude with a new perspective on priorities and personal growth. The crumbling was unexpected and unrequested but somehow necessary.   

Funky D & Custard Pie – HTNYR – Mandi Nulph

As we reflect on this past year and look to the next for new beginnings, it is oh so tempting to want to rally together in the woods like we have for the last eight years running.  

To surround ourselves, in true Hometeam fashion, with the music, art, and friendship that re-fuels our soul.

This deeply-rooted desire is no doubt a collective feeling for the majority of our Hometeam community… However, it is with love, care, and conscious awareness of the health and safety of us all that we have chosen not to push the boundaries of safe gathering guidelines.   

The Family Picture – HTNYR – Mandi Nulph

So, it is with a heavy heart that we officially announce that we will not be holding our annual New Year’s Rally. This does not mean it’s over forever, but, like most things in 2020 it is on pause for now.  

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder… so on that note we will not grieve for this as a loss.  Instead,  we will look to the future with optimism, reflect on the past with memories full of love and gratitude, and embrace this transitional time as a blessing in disguise.  

Rising Light – HTNYR – Mandi Nulph

Hometeam is Love, Love is energy, and energy is neither created nor destroyed… it simply shifts in form.  

We will all come out of this transition stronger than ever, and although we may not know what the future form looks like, we have faith that this shared dream of ours will continue to manifest in magical ways. 

“The best is yet to come.”

Receptor Sound & Lighting – HTNYR – Chuck Smalling

**We encourage you to use the comment section to share your Hometeam memories, accomplishments, personal insights, words of encouragement, reflections of growth, etc.. though words or photos on the HTNYR Facebook page.  

Thank you for riding the waves with us over the years and for authentically being YOU.  

Together, we ARE the change!

The Family Finale – HTNYR – Mandi Nulph


Hometeam New Year’s Rally

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