Gold Leader Back with More Deep, Deep Grooves on “Creeper”

If fairness, Gold Leader was never “gone”; they’ve been knocking out those deeper than deep grooves for some time. This new single “Creeper” dovetails perfectly with their previous four tracks: “Norwood,” “Tiger’s Eye,” “Cross Contamination,” and “ The Flop.” This one is hipper than hip.

Band leader and bassist Zach Jackson explains:

This song first popped into my head as I was imagining a cartoon spy “creeping” around in the shadows in a Pink Panther/ Inspector Clouseau type fashion… a funky day in the life of a quirky cartoon spy! I had a general idea of what I wanted the tune to sound like, and, as always, the band took the idea to another height when it was introduced in the studio with all of their amazing subtleties and stylistic choices.

Picture a funky cartoon spy, going about their quirky nightly business, creeping around the shadows and doing whatever it is that a cartoon spy does. That was the image behind the sound we transferred to tape at the Color Red Studio, a power-funking cartoon spy, which churned out our new  tune, “Creeper.”

Formed as a studio project in 2019, Gold Leader are: Zach Jackson, bass; Thomas Jennings, guitar; Alex Cazet, saxophone; and Carrie McCune, trumpet; all from Mama Magnolia; and Eric Luba, keyboards; and Will Trask, drums, both from Analog Son. Jackson produced the track and was mixing engineer at Color Red Studios. Mike Tallman was tracking engineer at Color Red as well, and Doug Krebs handled mastering at Doug Krebs Mastering.

Gold Leader

The bass thump and relentless drum beats from Jackson and Trask are irresistible, and the guitar and keyboards color the track beautifully, but the horns — Cazet on saxophone and McCune on trumpet — send this one over the top. They reference a number of great themes here. This is a jazz and an R&B delight all at once.


Color Red


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