Getting the WRD Out About WRD’s Latest Single “Sleep Depraved”

Perhaps you haven’t heard the WRD yet, but you do already know all three members of this amazing collaboration. Let’s see just who they are and why they’ve just issued their sixth single on Color Red Music.


W = Robert Walter, keyboard wizard especially known for his work on Hammond B3. He is a founding member of The Greyboy Allstars and leader of Robert Walter’s 20th Congress. He has been a part of numerous other recordings with Karl Denson, Creedle, Stanton Moore, and others.

Robert Walter’s 20th congress 📷: ©Josh Timmermans | Noble Visions


R = Eddie Roberts, guitar mainstay for The New Mastersounds for two decades. He also performs with another band he founded, Matador! Soul Sounds, and he is the creative force behind Color Red Music in Denver.

Eddie Roberts of The New Mastersounds 📷: Jess Phillips


D = Adam Deitch, drummer extraordinaire with funk juggernaut Lettuce and duo Break Science with Borahm Lee. He cofounded Royal Family Records and is an excellent producer in addition to his percussion talents.

Adam Deitch 📷: Mandi Nulph


Now we’ve got it: WRD. All three are amazing live performers. These gentlemen released four tracks in 2018 in and amidst their other projects. Earlier this year, they issued “Judy,” and now a brand new track, “Sleep Depraved,” is out. (Hear them all in our Spotify playlist.)

Walter commented about this one:

This track was influenced by mid ’70s jazz funk like Roy Ayers and Donald Byrd and also Grant Green’s album Live at the Lighthouse but as done by an organ trio instead of a larger group. This tune reminds me of late-night gigs during Jazzfest in New Orleans where everyone is so tired from the week of shows but still running on adrenaline and the joy of music. That’s where the title “Sleep Depraved” comes from. Music tends to get dirtier and more immediate in those extreme conditions.

This was part of a one day session where we recorded the bulk of songs for the WRD album. I had come up with a bunch of little demos. We didn’t have too much time to question anything. We just talked down quick arrangements and rolled tape. I like the immediacy of recording that way. It really captures the interactions of the players and raw and natural sound of the instruments in the room together. Eddie had mentioned that he likes my solo on this which is kind praise from such a great improviser. I’m a longtime fan of Adam as well. It’s a pleasure when ever I get to play with these guys.

Roberts produced the track and was tracking and mixing engineer at Color Red Studios. The recording was completed at Doug Krebs Mastering.

The song jumps out immediately on Deitch’s drum attack, so uptempo and deep in the pocket. The melody that Walter plays on Hammond B3 is lilting and beautiful. His solo is outstanding, reminiscent of the guitar style of Grant Green, whom Roberts also reveres. That certainly comes out in his solo as well. This is as good an example as any if you must respond to people who say there’s no good music any more. We all know better. There is so much great music out there every day. These three gentlemen are excellent exponents of that.

The new WRD album should be out some time in 2021. And you will need it!


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