Brilliant New Funk Jazz Single from Lucas de Mulder: “Say Goodbye”

You have probably never heard of guitarist Lucas de Mulder, unless you read our earlier article about his two recent singles on Color Red Music: “Come Out at Night” and “Ginger Beat.” Here are several important references: de Mulder is a huge Grant Green fan, and he is also an Eddie Roberts fan (Roberts is a Green fan, too). This is superb jazz, brilliantly performed.

Lucas de Mulder is from Madrid, Spain. He first connected with The New Mastersounds when one of his projects, The Mighty Vamp, opened for them in 2017. A couple of years later, he reconnected with Eddie Roberts while Matador! Soul Sounds were touring through Spain. They ended up jamming together at The Intruso Bar, and, impressed by their similar styles, Roberts told de Mulder about Color Red, the label Roberts founded in Denver several years ago. After de Mulder sent a demo, Roberts invited him to Denver to produce a full-length album that features Simon Allen and Joe Tatton of The New Mastersounds throughout.

Lucas de Mulder in Madrid 2019

Explains de Mulder:

I remember I was looking for a powerful guitar riff to ride and dance into the beat. It helped me a lot to listen to the Live in San Francisco album by The New Mastersounds. Songs like “Carrot Juice,” Idris,” and “Fast Man” inspired me a lot to find what I was looking for. It also helped me a lot to listen to Live at Club Mozambique by Grant Green. That record is amazing!

I had in my mind that the guitar riff could also be played by the bass, but after a first take, we saw that it did not work. Eddie was very quick to come up with a different bass line that helped the song a lot. After that, we recorded the final take very quickly.

The band for this recording: Lucas de Mulder, guitar; Simon Allen, drums;  Nate Edgar, electric bass; and Joe Tatton, electric organ, keyboard.

Music was written by Lucas de Mulder. Roberts produced and was tracking and mixing engineer at Color Red Studios. Doug Krebs was mastering engineer at Doug Krebs Mastering.

“Say Goodbye” is the third single from full-length album Feel the Spirit produced by Roberts for an early 2021 release on Color Red. That title is a fine reference to Grant Green’s masterpiece recording Feelin’ the Spirit (1961). If you heard the song and thought it sounded like The New Mastersounds, you would be half-right in terms of players and 100% correct otherwise. Allen’s drums and Tatton’s Hammond B3 organ are pure NMS. The bass is provided by the outstanding member of The Nth Power Nate Edgar. The attack is so uptempo and deep in the groove as de Mulder melds Madrid and Denver with perfection.

Color Red


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