Zbonics Draft Nigel Hall for “Eternal Blues”

Zbonics are back with another fine singleton Color Red Music. This time, they brought Nigel Hall into the fold to create this lovely, bouncing song called “Eternal Blues.” Zak Najor related this:

Karl Denson and I decided to write some tunes in 2004. Karl had an amazing track that I wrote these lyrics to. Everything he wrote on the track sort of drew the emotion out. However, among many other songs, everything we wrote during that time was lost because his computer got fried. The lyrics and sentiment of the song still resonated, though, for years, and I decided to create a new track for it.

The journey takes listeners into the realms of the dreaded “friend zone” and speaks to coping with the fear and pending rejection lingering around the corner. Production-wise, the song will teleport the audience back to the ’80s with rotund but tight production, AC/DC-esque drums, and the polished, natural swagger of Prince. This is the third single off of the group’s upcoming record Keep On Walking, to be released on Color Red in early 2021.

Zbonics on “Eternal Blues”: Nigel Hall – Vocals; Brian Teel – Talk Box, SynthBass, Handclaps; Steve Haney – Percussion Instruments; Brian Jordan – Guitar, Handclaps; Kianna Cameron – Guitar; Robert Walter – Electric Organ, Synthesizer; J Dub – Electric Organ, Acoustic Piano, Handclaps; Karl Denson – Saxophone; Cochemea Gastelum – Saxophone; Zak Najor – Drums, Handclaps; Justin Prizant – Handclaps; and Chris Stillwell – Baritone Guitar.

Prizant was producer and mixing engineer at Session Ressurrection. Tracking engineer was Jordan Andreen at Audio Design, and Kevin Blackler did the mastering at Blackler Mastering.


We think you’ll agree this is a great addition to the first two singles, and we cannot wait for the entire album! Also: NIGEL HALL and BRIAN JORDAN!


Color Red


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